Life by Keith Richards

Love the cover photo from Life by Keith Richards. And, I admit, from not being a Rolling Stones fan and being on the young side to actually remember when they were on the charts, that's the image I went into Life with as being Richards.

From reading the book, he's actually very charming, interesting, and (dare I say it?) sexy. I always rather thought he made more sense as the "sex god" for the group than Mick Jagger, and this book seems to confirm that.

Speaking of Sir Mick, I can only guess he can't be too thrilled with the way he comes across in this book. In one word: narcissistic. Really, though, he isn't present in as much of the book as I expected.

This is truly Keith Richards' life story from his own perspective. You really feel like he's chatting away with you, the reader, sharing the good, the bad, and the random.

I did get a little overwhelmed with some of the sections on drugs/stupid behavior, but I guess that adds to the overall feeling of the book as being as honest as anything written about oneself can be for any of us.

If you're a Stones fan, I'd say it's a must-read. If not, it's still a very interesting look at an engaging rock star.

And the following quote from Richards, an avid reader, doesn't hurt my opinion:

When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God, and the public library, which belongs to you. The public library is a great equaliser.

My overall personal rating of Life is a B+.


Loretta Nyhan said…
Thanks for the review. I'm buying this for my husband for Christmas.
Hope he enjoys the book as much as I did!
Anonymous said…
I am amazed Keith Richards is still alive, considering all the excesses. This cat leads a charmed life.
@StephanieD--I actually get the impression that he feels the same way, about being lucky, and really appreciates his life. I really "liked" him from this book, to the point that I have a bit of a crush now.

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