Herb and I enjoyed seeing Faster for our Thanksgiving movie selection this year. Our original plan was Tangled, until Maya headed to my sister's house in Iowa with my mom for the holiday. Maya happens to love Dwayne Johnson (I think it's his smile), but she doesn't need to see all the violence/killing.

Although not even close to being the best action movie I've ever seen, Faster was a pleasant way to spend 98 minutes. I certainly wouldn't give it the D+ the reviewer in our local paper did--maybe a B-. Herb thought it could have used more actual action/killing scenes, and I'll defer to his opinion since action is much more his genre than mine.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays the most annoying hitman ever put in a movie. Seriously. I spent every scene including his character wishing someone would just kill him. Total waste of film. Herb thinks they included him to give the women something pretty to watch. Um, hullo? What woman would choose that annoying kid over The Rock???? (He's counting on someone to tell me I'm wrong in the comments section.)

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, hope you had a fantastic one. And happy shopping for the fans of Black Friday!


sapphireblue said…
I have to work Black Friday which is good, because I'm really broke.
I hear you, sapphireblue. I can't stand the crowds and lines, so I'm just as happy that I was at work, too!

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