Damon Salvatore

Today's eye candy selection is Damon Salvatore, as played by Ian Somerhalder in the t.v. series The Vampire Diaries, in honor of my daughter, Maya, who has rooted for Elena to choose Damon over his brother Stefan since the show started.

Our conversation after work and school yesterday:

Me: "It's Thursday, and you know what that means."
Maya: "Vampire Diaries. . . . Mom, I think maybe Elena should pick Stefan because he's more nicer."
Me: "You're right; he is much nicer, and that's really important in a boyfriend."

Flash to an emotional scene in last night's episode where Damon tells Elena something really important. You know what I mean if you saw the episode.

Maya: "Damon's so cute. Maybe Elena can just move to their house, and they can both be her boyfriends."

Out of the mouths of innocent babes. . . .

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