Alexander Siddig

Continuing with the eye candy theme for the week, I dragged my best friend to see a little gem of a movie, Cairo Time, on Saturday.

Just by coincidence, this movie also features one of my all-time favorite on-screen kiss scenes. The movie trailer here includes the kiss, but the impact isn't the same as while watching the actual movie. (I'd actually skip the trailer if you want to see the movie--definitely TMI.)

Patricia Clarkson plays a woman traveling to Cairo for three weeks to visit her UN husband. When he gets delayed in Gaza, his friend (Alexander Siddiq) meets her at the airport and eventually shows her Cairo. (What kind of a man intelligent enough for an important UN job sends someone like that to keep his wife company? Talk about asking for trouble. . . .)

Although we don't get much of a back story, the overall impression is one of a married couple leading completely separate lives. The children are now grown (son's on his honeymoon; daughter's seeking a job after just graduating from college), and she's left with a 12-hour-a-day magazine job as her life.

Yeah, for the first time ever in a movie that didn't involve domestic abuse or something equally horrible, I found myself thinking, "Please leave your husband, please leave your husband, please leave your husband."

My one complaint is that we have another somewhat hapless/helpless Western woman making a series of cultural mistakes in a movie. That always frustrates me. I could definitely understand her attraction to this attentive, intelligent, sexy man, but I couldn't quite get my mind around the return attraction.

This is a quiet, slow-moving movie with exceptional scenery--a veritable homage to Cairo, flaws and all. My friend found the movie too slow, but I fell in love with Cairo Time.


Anonymous said…
I have heard such good things about this movie and I keep postponing it. It sounds lovely, looks lovely - I guess I'll skip the trailer and see that kiss when I watch the movie.
You'll have to let me know what you think whenever you see the movie. I really loved it, and I hope you feel the same way!

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