Tracker's Sin by Sarah McCarty

I've been waiting to read the stories for twins Tracker and Shadow since first discovering Sarah McCarty's Hell's Eight series. Tracker's Sin (2010) is certainly sweet, though not quite the graphic story I'm used to reading in this series.

The men of Hell's Eight have been on a mission, mentioned during preceding books, to find Desi's twin sister, Ari, taken captive by a group of Comancheros and with a price on her head, placed there by the attorney after Desi and Ari's inheritance. [Desi's story is told in Caine's Reckoning.]

Tracker finds Ari, a new mother and suffering from a case of amnesia. Meaning, she doesn't remember not only her sister, but also being raped repeatedly by numerous men for months. As you can imagine, the truth about her recent past isn't something Tracker hurries to share with Ari.

Ultimately, Tracker needs to get Ari and baby Miguel to Hell's Eight land and a reunion with Ari, all while dealing with feeling unworthy of Ari and expecting their relationship not to last. And Ari needs to deal with the fallout when her memory returns.

Although I enjoyed reading Tracker and Ari's story, I'm hoping for more steam in Shadow's story.

My overall personal rating of Tracker's Sin is a B.


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