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I changed my poll. Please vote!

Maya is the Star of the Week for her first grade class this week. I'm still grumbling a little about just receiving notice after work last night, though Maya did quite well at improvising yesterday. She showed the necklace she made from our photo keychain bought during our trip to the amusement park Adventureland in August, and she gave each of her classmates a squirt from the bottle of hand sanitizer she happened to have in her backpack.

That leaves four days to cover, including today. We still had the poster I made all about her during pre-school two years ago, and she covered the other side of the poster with more recent photos, a Halloween-themed drawing, and lists and drawings for healthy and not healthy foods--all her own design and efforts. The poster went to school today. Lucky Muffin, our Shih tzu, gets to visit the classroom for ten minutes tomorrow afternoon! Allie, our Rottweiler, gets to stay safely at home because, after all, Allie is Maya's sister, not her baby!

I'm always a little leery of polls. The samples are small, and the results often aren't as representative as pollsters want to insist. Click here for the latest on what Americans are reading, according to a Harris Poll.

What do you think? I admit that I'm more than a little shocked romance and "chick lit" didn't do better because they sell phenomenally well. Call me a tad skeptical about this sample of 2,775 reading adults really providing an accurate assessment of the overall American reading public.

I have a new literary crush, and I haven't even read any books by him yet. I really enjoyed the interview with Howard Jacobson, the winner of this year's Man Booker Prize for The Finkler Question.

My favorite quote from the article:

Because of his rare position in the literary landscape, Mr. Jacobson has been called the “English Philip Roth,” but he says he would prefer to be “the Jewish Jane Austen.”

“I’m an English writer who happens to know about Jews and would like to write like Jane Austen, with a little bit of Yiddish,” he said.

Now I just need to read something by Jacobson to confirm or deny my crush!


sapphireblue said…
Those results suprise me too.
Anonymous said…
Jewish Jane Austen - oooh, sounds like a hottie to me!

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