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A photo of Maya at lunch at Granite City today. I like her smile, so had to share with all of you.

I also really like polls, and I haven't had one on my blog lately. I read a comment in a discussion list post that caused me to create this poll question about the current state of the American economy. Feel free to vote if you don't live in the States, yet have an opinion, too. I'm curious to see the results.

I had a really fun day yesterday. I went to the fire station and ate lunch in the park with Maya's class and another first grade class at her school. The kids were pretty excited when the firemen showing us around their station had a call near the end of the talk. They were also exhausted by the time we returned to school after the walk and an hour of playing in the park in 91-degree F weather.

How often does Nebraska have weather that warm in October? Not very. I really feel like we're having June weather right now, though we're finally seeing quite a few leaves on the trees changing from green to gold, red, and so on. I love fall!!

On a final note, I finally understand why one of my friends has a thing for firemen! LOL


Anonymous said…
I love that happy smile on Maya.

Where are the pictures of the firemen :)
sapphireblue said…
I think it's the uniform that makes them look so good. Nice pic of Maya. Fall is awesome! Wish it were fall all year.
@StephanieD--Sigh. Maya made it clear "no pictures" in advance. She knows me!! I didn't take a camera or my phone.

I'm telling you; the young fireman that was there could easily have a career as a model or something if the fire gig doesn't work!

@sapphireblue--I definitely agree there's something special about a man in uniform.

I wouldn't argue with year-round fall!
elle said…
pretty smile!

the weather in southern california is confusing as well; yesterday I was wearing a coat and knee-high boots, now I'm in flip flops and tank tops!

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