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My lovely niece, Liz, and one of her classmates, during the Homecoming parade. My "kids" (nephew Andrew--22 next month, niece Amanda--18 1/2, niece Liz--18 later this month, and nephew Garrett--14 last month) are all getting so old. Guess I'm glad Maya is only 6!

How did I miss knowing about this? Yesterday was World Animal Day.

My friend and pen pal blisschic blogged about Gentle Paws & Friends in Singapore yesterday. For only being open six months, they have done a lot of work already.

Crystal at Life, Love, and Literature wrote some great posts last week in honor of Banned Books Week. You may notice I, ahem, stole a certain image from her blog to add to mine, too!

Kody Keplinger also wrote a fantastic ode to Judy Blume last week.

Maya and I had a great time on Friday night at her school's movie night. Using a sheet on the side of a building for a screen, we sat on blankets and lawn chairs to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Although not Maya's favorite movie when we watched the show in the theater, the atmosphere of being outside and around some of her friends made a huge difference. She can't wait for movie night again next October!


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