Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

I was a little slow to warm to Shades of Midnight (2010), the seventh entry in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series.

Kade, a member of the Boston-based vampire warrior group called the Order, is back in Alaska, dealing not only with a mission, but also facing some family issues he left behind. While the family issues were a tad too neatly resolved for my taste, I did appreciate Kade as a character.

Bush pilot Alex has her own haunting past, and imagine her surprise in learning that Kade doesn't seem doubtful, or even shocked, when hearing about the horrific way her mother and little brother were killed in Florida when she was little. And that past seems to have become inter-mingled with her present with a killer on the loose in Alaska.

Once Kade and Alex become intimately involved, the story becomes more interesting to read. They have good chemistry, and the sex scenes are steamy.

In the Midnight Breed series, you have resolution of the actual couple on which the book focuses, but there is an over-arching story involving the work of the Order that continues through all seven books. These wouldn't read particularly well as stand-alones or read out of order.

For more about the series, check the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Shades of Midnight is a B-.


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