Midnight Rose by Shelby Reed

Midnight Rose by Shelby Reed (2005) packs the usual erotic punch expected from a book published by Ellora's Cave.

Kate O'Brien accepts a position as a teacher for home-bound teenager Jude. She believes he has a rare medical condition that makes him, among other things, allergic to the sun. Jude lives with his sexy, widowed father, Gideon Renaud.

Of course, Gideon is actually a vampire, and his son is exhibiting symptoms Gideon also had when he was younger. Gideon's a lonely vampire, one who despises his condition (not something I appreciate when reading vampire books) and wants to prevent Jude from experiencing the darker elements of vampirism.

While the sex scenes are certainly hot, I wasn't as fond of the fact that Gideon hides being a vampire from Kate as long as possible. Too long. By the time she knows the truth, she's already in love with him, which I don't think is fair.

The mental/emotional self-torture on Gideon's part, along with his dishonesty to Kate, ruined the book for me.

My overall personal rating of Midnight Rose is a C+.


Anonymous said…
Doesn't that sound like some men, though, waiting until a woman's thoroughly in love with them before they burst the bubble..."Oh, by the way, I'm married. Just kidding, I'm really a vampire."

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