Halloween Party at Porridge Papers

Maya the Vampire Princess and I had the best time at the Halloween Party held by local letterpress Porridge Papers on Saturday.

Maya listened really intently to a lovely woman from Indigo Bridge Books, another local treasure, read for two hours. Two hours of fun, Halloween-related books. We must have the pop-up Frankenstein book she shared.

Doesn't she make a smashing vampire princess?


sapphireblue said…
Oh, that store has peaked my interest. Looks like I could spend some money there.
Anonymous said…
How come she suddenly looks so grown up this week? Oh my, she does look smashing!
@sapphireblue--The store is very, very dangerous for me. They have some gorgeous imported papers right now, too, that I didn't even brave browsing through!

@StephanieD--I'm so glad it's not just me thinking that she looks older! She seemed like one of the Big Kids at the party, not one of the Little Kids. When (and how) did that happen?
Micaela said…
smashing indeed! i love her little pink heels :)

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