Getting the Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald

I made the mistake of assuming Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick by Molly Ringwald (2010) was going to be some sort of traditional autobiography. I assumed the book would be packed with insight into the teen movies that made her famous and the intervening years spent mainly out of the limelight.

Right. Well, this isn't much of an autobiography at all. This is actually more of a basic, relatively vague advice column in book format for the, ahem, middle-aged female. A book that could have been written just as easily by say, me, as by Molly. There's nothing remotely unique or surprising contained in the "advice," and personal anecdotes are the exception rather than the rule.

I'm disappointed. I wanted a book that read more like, "Hey, you know that girl in Sixteen Candles? And the one in The Breakfast Club? I'm not really either of those girls, or any other character I played, at all. I'm Molly Ringwald, and this book is about the real me."

I always felt like Molly was someone I'd want to know in real life. Someone that would have been my friend if I had met her at school. I wanted this book to either confirm or refute that thought, not a generic book.

Anyone read this and actually enjoy it?

My overall personal rating of Getting the Pretty Back is a C-.


Micaela said…
that IS disappointing!!! and i haven't even read it yet. i didn't even know she had this out truth be told--

ps. 16 Candles was my favourite!
I should have read some reviews before buying the book, but I saw it on a 50% table at Barnes & Noble. Assuming always gets me into trboule. :)

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