Breast Cancer Walk

Maya and I had a great time at the walk to support breast cancer awareness and fundraising for the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Lincoln yesterday. We had perfect weather for a walk around the lake.

And I had the fanciest dressed (turquoise skirt with flounces and sparkles, rose pink shirt with sparkles, and pink beaded necklaces), most entertaining walking companion of anyone there.

Our conversation:

.3 miles--Maya: "I think we need to do the up route, Mom." [Walkers doing the 1-mile walk diverge at about the .5-mile mark to loop back to the starting point of the race. Walkers doing the 3.1-mile walk go up on the dam overlooking the lake.]

.5 mile--Maya: "We're going up. We can do it!"

1 mile--Maya: "Do you think there are sharks in that ocean?"
Me: "That's a lake, not an ocean. If the ocean ever gets to Nebraska, we've got a big problem. No sharks, babe."

1.5 miles--Maya: "I can't believe you didn't let me bring Muffin." [Despite "no dogs" being in the rules for the walk, you guessed it, we saw at least two dozen dogs there. And Maya pointed out every one to me!]

2 miles--Maya: "Mom, you should have brought the stroller."

2.3 miles--Maya: "I wish we had a boat." [To cross the lake instead of continuing to walk around the lake to get back to our car.]

3.1 miles--Maya: "Why didn't you park closer? We still have a hundred miles to walk back to our car." [Because the park was packed to overflowing with vehicles and people, and we should have arrived earlier.]

We really did have a great time, and we're already planning to walk again next year.


Anonymous said…
Maya's outfit sounds darling. Kudos for making the walk!

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