Worlds Apart

Yes, I'm a little behind, but I finally saw the wonderful 2008 Dutch film (with English sub-titles) Worlds Apart on the Sundance Channel.

Loosely based on a true story, Sara (Rosalinde Mynster) is a Jehovah's Witness teenager strongly tied to her family and her faith. Until she meets Teis (Johan Philip Asbaek), not a member of her faith, and begins to learn about the possibilities of the outside world.

Although a romance, the movie is really about Sara's struggle to find her own path, to make her own decisions about what she thinks, feels, and wants to do with her life--even if that comes into conflict with her family and their fundamentalist beliefs.

What young adult can't relate to that struggle for independence?

My absolute favorite scene is just after a funeral, when Sara talks for a moment with her father.

My only disappointment about the film? I only had the chance to see Worlds Apart once!


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