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October is National Medical Librarians' Month. (Yes, the whole month!) To celebrate at the hospital where I work, I'm doing something I started last October--having a reading contest. I gave random prizes throughout the month, and then the "top readers" won bookstore gift cards.

Last year, I had participants report the number of pages read on a weekly basis. I quickly learned that probably wasn't the best route to go because two people went far into the lead early, leading me to create three tiers of readers to keep the "contest" interesting. This year, I'm having participants report minutes/hours spent reading on a weekly basis, and I think that should make the contest more competitive. We'll see soon enough whether I'm right or if I need to go to a two- or three-tier system again.

Interestingly enough, all of the winners chose a gift card to Barnes & Noble last time, despite each person having the option of selecting any bookstore I could easily get to either in person or online to buy a certificate. I'm wondering if that will hold true this year, as well.

No word about the Bermuda job yet. Since the ten-day deadline for hearing back from them already passed (Monday), I'm assuming they offered the job to someone else. I'll keep you posted if I ever hear from them, either way.

Anybody reading anything they completely love?


Keli said…
I am re-reading the Kim Harrison books I love! It is the Hollows series with Rachel Morgan as it's main character.
Anonymous said…
Happy National Medical Librarians' Month!

I'm struggling with a book I started over a year ago and vow to finish by Sunday - ick!

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