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"I know this is Maya's toy, but I'm just holding it. I'm not hurting it. Honest. I'm the world's best behaved Rottie ever, and I know this isn't food. I'd already have eaten the little stuffed froggy if I thought it was food. . . ."

And we have an official name for our Shih tzu--Muffin Crystal Ford, called Muffin or Muffy. Maya decided Crystal is an even fancier name than Diamond.

We're in the middle of Banned Books Week 2010. To learn more, visit the ALA (American Libraries Association) site.

Or, even better yet, read a book from one of the lists of the most frequently challenged books of 2007, 2008, or 2009 to mark the week. The Huffington Post has the listings here.

I won't be posting a review of An Unforgettable Lady written by J.R. Ward under the name Jessica Bird. From what I did read--the beginning couple of chapters and the end--I'd file this under "book written before author became famous/never should have seen the light of day, let alone publication."

If anyone else wades through An Unforgettable Lady, I'd love to hear your view!

And, on a political and religious note, I appreciated this community column (meaning opinion piece) from my local paper's Friday edition, Republicans Re-create Jesus in Their Image.

The beginning of the item, written by Stephen Rische:

God is not a Republican.

Although He is not a Democrat, either, there are too many people who think that putting the letters "GOP" and "GOD" on bumper stickers reserves a place in heaven for them.

In fact, God wants nothing to do with a political system in which policy is dictated by the power of money rather than the needs of His people. While both political parties pander to money interests, it is the Republicans who continue to use God as a political tool and who continue efforts to cross the line between church and state.


Anonymous said…
Who would take away a toy from Muffy with a face like that??

Re the opinion piece - why is it that Republicans continue to invoke God's name to support their arguments? Are nonRepublicans godless??? I don't think God likes having his name invoked in such a fashion per the 10 Commandments.

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