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One more comment on Easy A that I forgot to put in Monday's post--Besides either having Amanda Bynes play the role differently, or casting someone else, I wouldn't have chosen Penn Badgely for the guy of interest. He struck me more as a Patrick Dempsey, who never was my type, than a John Cusack, Judd Nelson, or Michael Schoeffling. At least his role really was small. (Yes, I loved Jake Ryan, but Lloyd Dobler--yummy!)

Would anyone else have loved to go to Lincoln Center for The Breakfast Club reunion? (Okay, I'm not sure I want to know about it if you did go!!!) As an aside--Emilio, filming a movie in Toronto? Seriously?? You couldn't fly to New York for a couple of days for the 25th anniversary of something that turned into the defining movie of a generation, a cult classic, and to honor the legacy of John Hughes?

Anyone planning to read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen? I think I'll wait until the Oprah Book Club hype ends and then check out one of the trillion copies my local public library likely ordered. Kudos to Oprah for showing her mad skills for generating publicity by choosing another book by Franzen after the brouhaha over his comments after the selection of his The Corrections for the book club nine years ago.


Anonymous said…
I'd be up for a Jake Ryan and Lloyd Dobler love triangle - oh my!

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