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I had a phone interview for a job in Bermuda yesterday morning. I definitely have the right education and experience for the position because it's doing exactly what I've been doing for 11 1/2 years--working as a hospital librarian.

I think I did fine on answering all of the questions, except the one asking about whether I'd be bringing anyone to the island with me if I'm the successful candidate for the position. Sigh. Seems like the goal is to fill the island positions with single ex-pats whenever possible.

Not holding my breath, in other words, though I should only have to wait ten working days for word. Very reasonable.

If nothing else, I'm enjoying learning more about Bermuda. The biggest concerns, from what I've read, are ants, cockroaches, mold, (fresh) water shortages, and the cost of living. If you want to assure yourself that you have a decent cost of living wherever you happen to be, check into the rent prices in Bermuda. WOW! Then look at the food prices, too.

I actually found myself thinking, "$2000 a month for a one-bedroom place close to the hospital? That's not bad; someone's going to snatch that one." HUH?

The Vatican just completed an $11.5 million (U.S.) renovation to their library, according to this article from The Economic Times. Only certain scholars are allowed access to the library, and only the Pope is eligible to borrow books.

Trip to Rome, anyone? Surely a medical librarian could finagle her way in as a scholar, right?

My friend Petra just sent a lovely letter filled with information about her recent trip to Italy. She sweetly included four postcards, and, always wanting to visit Italy, anyway, I'm especially anxious to go right now.

As Maya said last night, "If you want to go, Mom, let's just go. Why not?" There's my girl!

Have you heard about Type D personality before? I certainly hadn't before reading this news release from the American Heart Association. A clip:

The personality classification system that identified “Type A” decades ago more recently defined Type D as a personality marked by chronic negative emotions, pessimism and social inhibition.

Researchers noted a three-fold increase for Type D heart patients in risk of future cardiovascular issues such as peripheral artery disease, angioplasty or bypass procedures, heart failure, heart transplantation, heart attack or death.


StephanieD said…
$2000 a month for a one bedroom?! Does that come with roaches and mold?
sapphireblue said…
If only it were that easy (cheap) to go to Italy, I would go with you. My daughter says that about going to Egypt.
blisschic said…
Hi there :)

Thank you so much for your lovely letter! Just want to know that I've received it and am planning to write back really soon! :)

By the way, i just blogged about it so you can check it out at my blog. Thanks so much and be ready to receive a mail in your inbox soon! :)
@StephanieD--I'm not sure how much room there is for either the roaches or the mold, judging by the online photos of the one-bedroom. LOL

Apparently, there are some rent controls in place for native Bermudians, and only the foreigners, who seem to be mainly only tolerated for their work skills, are paying these (ridiculous) prices.

@sapphireblue--I'd love to go to Egypt, too, and see the pyramids. Sigh.

@blisschic--So glad to see you on the blog!!! I'll look forward to your next letter.
violetcrush said…
ooohhh Bermuda, that would be an adventure. All the best.
@VioletCrush--Thanks! I think it would be a fun adventure for a few years.

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