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Muffin--or maybe Diamond--and Maya on Saturday. Maya wavers between wanting to continue to call her Muffin, the name she came to us with, and Diamond, Maya's name choice. Since we told Maya this is "her" dog, we'll go with whatever name she chooses.

If anyone knows any dances or chants to drive away rain, please let me know. I'm desperate enough to try anything. We had more flooding in our basement last night, and lucky Herb, my husband, is spending his day cleaning, tearing up carpet, etc.

Interesting article at titled Public Libraries: Diverse Picture of Patrons Emerges Here, Elsewhere. You can read the full text here. I don't believe this is shocking information to anyone in the "library world," but nice to get into the mainstream press.

Highlight point for me:

A 2008 Harris Poll found that 68 percent of Americans had a library card and that 76 percent had visited a library in the year prior. Newer research shows that library usage is increasing and that the majority of users still go for the actual books, not computers or DVDs.

The Guardian is also reporting here that the OED (Oxford English Dictionary, the grandfather of all dictionaries) is possibly unlikely to appear in print in the next/third edition. The chief executive of Oxford University Press, publisher of OED, and a spokesperson for OUP don't appear to be in agreement on the subject, however.

Anyone reading or watching anything interesting right now?


sapphireblue said…
Uh, oh! Looks like we are both dealing with water in the basement. I posted about it today. Sigh!
@sapphireblue--Isn't water the worst? I guess we're going to have to take the plunge and get a sump pump. UGH!

Good luck to both of us.
elle said…
Awww, such cuties, maybe the pup can have both names (one first and one middle)-- Diamond Muffin, or Muffin Diamond...hehehehe...

Sorry about the rain, no knowledge of chants on my end -- but if you figure it out, perhaps you can send a little our way? :-)

I wear my library card on my sleeves! Borrowing is a cheaper option for me at this point (I only buy ones that I know I would want to read over and over)-- plus I don't have space for storage.

Currently reading Eat, Pray, Love in haste,so I can catch the flick in the theaters..How 'bout yourself?
Anonymous said…
While I don't know any chants to drive away rain, I'll send you my most fervent wishes.

Muffin Diamond has a nice cuddly yet precious ring to it :)
@elle--I keep hearing good things about Eat, Love, Pray, so I need to get that read. I also really like Julia Roberts, so plan to see the movie at some point (maybe on DVD, at the rate I'm not moving).

I'm trying to read a couple of books my mom loaned to me by Richard North Patterson, but I'm not making much progress. I seem to be more into editing one of my manuscripts right now.

At the rate I'm going, maybe I'll have an agent when I'm seventy!

@StephanieD--We're having a little break, though they said more rain is likely tomorrow (Monday) night. Hope it's light. Sigh.

Yes, I like Muffin Diamond, too!!

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