Shadows at Midnight by Elizabeth Jennings

Shadows at Midnight (2010) is the latest romantic suspense novel from Elizabeth Jennings, aka Lisa Marie Rice.

Defense analyst Claire Day gets seriously injured while on assignment at an American embassy in a fictional African country. U.S. Marine Dan Weston, who requested assignment to the embassy detail just to be close to Claire, who doesn't even see him as a person until the day of the explosion, is also injured.

Flash forward to a year later, and the bulk of the story, when Claire has no memory of the explosion and the preceeding week of her life and remaining serious health issues, plus questions about what happened when she was injured--and her best friend also died. When she sees Dan, now the owner of his own security business, on t.v., she travels to D.C. for some answers about what happened.

Imagine Dan's shock to find the woman of his dreams, the woman he spent a year thinking was dead, at his office. At his office, and asking lots of questions that need to be answered, especially when someone targets Claire for assassination.

One complaint I have about the book involves not understanding why Dan thinks Claire is dead. Wouldn't he have made a point of asking about her as soon as he physically could? And why wouldn't someone have told him, "Oh, she went home with her dad to Florida, but she isn't doing very well." Just didn't quite compute with me that he spent a year thinking she was dead.

My other complaint is the book drags a little in the middle. The "bad guy" is obvious long before Dan and Claire make the connection, and I kept thinking, "Okay, let's just get to why he did what he did."

Overall, though, if you're a Lisa Marie Rice/Elizabeth Jennings fan, including appreciating her strong Alpha heroes and intelligent, yet needy, heroines, you should enjoy this story. Stories written under the Jennings name also seem to have a lot less sex than those written under the Rice name, whether you consider that a positive or a negative.

My overall personal rating of Shadows at Midnight is a B.


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