The Pirate by Katherine Garbera

I'm seriously disappointed in The Pirate (2010), the latest in Katherine Garbera's The Savage Seven Series.

J.P. "Laz" Lazarus is an ex-Navy Seal working undercover as a captain tanker in order to stop some Somalian pirates. Daphne Barrett is a physician, divorced from a U.S. Senator, seeking new purpose in her life by going to Africa on a medical mission group, which is traveling on Laz's tanker.

Overall, the book could have benefited from strong editing. The fact that Daphne went in, literally the same, very short paragraph early in the story, from wondering if Laz might be involved with the Somalian pirates to pretty much not caring if she could just have sex with him, did nothing for this reader. I think a good editor could steer a good author to removing those sorts of errors that make the reader question the heroine's judgment.

Or has the good editor gone the way of everything else considered a "cost" or ding to the "profit margin" now--elimination? I want proofreaders and assertive editors back to improve my reading enjoyment. What do you think?

Again, while characters from previous books have small roles in this book, you can choose to read this book as a stand-alone without missing anything.

My overall personal rating of The Pirate is a C.


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