Miss Smith and the Haunted Library by Michael Garland

Maya's first order of books purchased through a fundraiser for her school arrived this week. Her favorite selection is Miss Smith and the Haunted Library by Michael Garland (2009).

Zack and the rest of his classmates get to take a surprise trip with their favorite teacher, Miss Smith, to the public library. Imagine a library that looks like a haunted house and is staffed by a woman named Virginia Creeper. Add the obvious fall setting, and it's hard not to think of Halloween and scary happenings.

Then Virginia Creeper begins reading her favorite selections from Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook. Suddenly, creatures like the Headless Horseman, Captain Hook, and the Jabberwocky are coming out of the book and joining the kids at the library.

How terrifying--or maybe it's actually fun, really, and time to have a party!

Our overall personal rating of the vividly illustrated, highly entertaining Miss Smith and the Haunted Library is an A.

Maya also ordered a set of Scooby-Doo books and a set of non-fiction books about animals' homes (one on caves, one on trees, one on the desert, etc.). So far, between kindergarten and first grade, non-fiction books are her main choices when bringing books home weekly from her school library. I'm learning a lot right along with her, too, from those non-fiction books!


sapphireblue said…
I will look for that at the library.
@sapphireblue--I bet your daughter could read the book herself. :) Hope you can find it at your library!

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