Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

Demon from the Dark (2010), the latest release in Kresley Cole's uber-popular Immortals After Dark series, is the story of witch Carrow Graie, vemon (as in demon plus vampire) Malkom Slaine, and an eight-year-old girl named Ruby.

The Order has Ruby, Carrow's niece and soon-to-be-adopted daughter, and to get her back, Carrow needs to bring Malkom to them.

This is sort of a loose spin on the Tarzan and Jane story since Malkom can't even talk to Carrow at first, he's extremely powerful and untamed, and Carrow eventually gets him back to her version of civilization.

The part of the story that didn't quite work for me is the fact that Carrow didn't just ask Malkom for his help. Instead of betraying him to save Ruby, she could easily have obtained his help with rescuing Ruby. I know, I know; you have to have the conflict for the relationship to overcome according to the romance formula.

Why, though? Why is that the formula? Why can't we just have a nice little story where two people (or paranormals or whatever) meet, have some kind of spark of attraction, get to know each other (does anyone date these days?), and then fall in love? How many "real life" relationships truly come with lots of internal and external barriers to overcome??

My overall personal rating of Demon from the Dark is a B.


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