Here's the little beauty we're thinking about adding to the family.

That's assuming we get to her "first" at our local Humane Society. Every dog I think looks like a fit on their Web site seems to get adopted quickly. Glad I'm bringing luck to the dogs!!


sapphireblue said…
Do you have to wait to get off of work? If not, get down there! Goodluck!
Yep, working. And, for whatever reason, our local Humane Society is having a rush of adoptions right now. Hope that trend continues!
Micaela said…
oh my goodness i am in LOVE!!!!
She's even more adorable in person, Micaela, with a curly tail and the way she prances around like a princess! I'm glad she quickly found a different home. I'm sure she'll be wonderful in a one-dog situation.

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