Unleashed by Cherrie Lynn

Unleashed by Cherrie Lynn (2010), though okay, just didn't hit me the way her Rock Me did.

At the beginning of Unleashed, Kelsey receives a call from her best friend, Evan, asking if she wants to go to Hawaii with him. Might not seem like such a strange conversation between best friends, except (a) this trip was supposed to be Evan's honeymoon with another woman and (b) Kelsey's marriage ended when she found Evan's fiancee, ahem, on top of her husband/Evan's friend.

As might be expected, Kelsey and Evan's relationship enters an entirely different stage while vacationing together in romantic Hawaii. Can this new kind of relationship last beyond their trip?

The part that bothered me the most is that Kelsey and Evan really could/should have been together ten years earlier, when they first formed their friendship in college. Instead, Evan introduced her to his friend, and Kelsey "settled." I'm not a big fan of books where people pine for each other for ten years (ten YEARS).

Plus, Kelsey seemed to be crying about every ten pages. Ugh. I liked her much better in her minor role in Rock Me.

My overall personal rating of Unleashed is a C+.


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