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I spent an hour and fifteen minutes at curriculum night for the first-graders at Maya's school last night. Whew! They have a busy year planned. Lots of reading and writing skills, lots of math skills, and not a lot of play. I've heard first grade is the hardest year of the kindergarten through fifth grade group, and I can understand why. There seems to be a pretty large gap between expectations in kindergarten and expectations in first grade.

And I have my first volunteer session at Maya's school library this afternoon. I'm so excited!!!

A new-to-me site I learned about through one of my library-related discussion lists is Open Spaces Magazine. According to their About Us section:

Welcome to the Open Spaces web site. We have launched this quarterly magazine to provide a forum for voices that speak with knowledge and insight to issues affecting people in every region of the United States and around the world. As the name suggests, Open Spaces is dedicated to an openness of attitude, intellect and approach. In this spirit, we present thoughtful, well-researched articles on a variety of subjects from a number of different viewpoints.

Very eclectic, diverse coverage.

Seriously, if you like mail, especially postcards, you have to join Postcrossing. I'm addicted!! I just had my first message request for a direct swap, which is something you can also opt-out of doing if you join Postcrossing. (Messages are sent through the Postcrossing system to your private e-mail account; the person doesn't have direct access to your e-mail address.) A woman in New Zealand is trying to collect a postcard from all of the fifty states in the United States.

I'm sure I don't need to tell my blog readers my response, right?

On a more serious note, I had another reminder this week of how fragile life is. Let the people important to you know how much they matter in your life, and do something positive that makes you happy--a volunteer opportunity you enjoy, spending time with your pet, giggling with a child, taking the time to read a great book, whatever works for you--every day.


Anonymous said…
Your last message touched me, Maria. How true that is and sometimes in the most ordinary of moments is the perfect time to express one's love and appreciation. You really never know when the opportunities to do so will suddenly cease.
@StephanieD--Thanks! I think it's hard for us to truly accept that life is a finite experience, despite everyone experiencing personal loss, but I'm trying to appreciate my time and my loved ones while I have them. That's a longterm goal, anyway. Some days are more successful than others!

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