This and That

More dog eye candy. This is the gorgeous Catahoula leopard dog, Rusty, currently available for adoption through my local Humane Society.

I liked Rusty during our visit to the shelter on Sunday, but my husband, Herb, is opposed to bringing another big dog into the house. We already have an 81-pound Rottweiler, and Rusty weighs 90 pounds. Sigh. So I keep checking the online site every day, hoping (a) to find a little dog for our family and (b) that Rusty is in a new, wonderful home of his own. No luck for either Rusty or me so far.

And, speaking of eye candy, have you seen Katy Perry's video for Teenage Dream yet? Not only do I love that song, but Josh Kloss isn't exactly hard on the eyes. Nope, not at all.

For a contrast to my review of James Levine's The Blue Notbook, check out this blog posting from Violet Crush. She has one of my favorite blogs, and she always finds the most interesting books to read. While I'm disappointed that she's listing The Blue Notebook as her least favorite book read so far this year, I enjoyed reading her perspective on the book.

Taste in books is so individual, so personal, and that's one reason I dread having someone ask if there's a book I'd recommend s/he read. If I know the person well, especially his/her favorite books, that's usually not a problem, but, if not. . . .

Guess I'm fortunate to be a medical librarian, so the only recommendations I'm asked to provide on a professional basis involve evidence-based medicine, best practices, etc. for patient care. That I can handle!


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