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Many thanks to Misfit Salon for listing this blog as her featured blog at her site. "An eclectic and thoughtful reviewer." High praise from one of my very favorite bloggers, someone I'd love to actually meet in person. Whoot!

And, since I'm planning to end my personal blog, Maya's World, soon, you'll be seeing more This and That postings with information like the following:

Maya (my daughter), J (a friend of Maya's who turns six next month), Herb (my husband), and I went to Des Moines for the weekend. About three hours in the car is just right with two kids.

We spent Sunday at Adventureland, a nice-sized theme park. The car read 112 degrees F when we left the park about 4 p.m., and I bet that was accurate with the heat index. Not all that many people braved the heat, leaving us with short waits for even the most popular rides during our six hours at the park.

Maya's favorite parts of the weekend? Driving through downtown Des Moines on Saturday evening to just look around and staying in a hotel. Why did I spend Sunday melting again? LOL

Now, to get through the back-to-school clothes shopping and the start of first grade next week.

We're also thinking about adopting a dog from our local humane society. We just need to find the right addition to our family.


sapphireblue said…
Will this heat ever end?

Can't wait to see your new dog!
We actually finally hit a break from the humidity. We had our windows open last night, and Maya was cold this morning. Yeah!!

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