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Even with the air conditioning running inside, I think my brain is too fried with the humidity for creating book postings. I'm certainly blaming my current rash of headaches on the heat and humidity, anyway. High today projected to be 93 degrees F with the heat index making it feel like 110-115 degrees F. LOVELY.

For now, let me share tidbits instead.

Misfit Salon, which, as I've mentioned before, is one of my absolute favorite blogs, is celebrating the one-year blogiversary. The bad news is that she's planning to take a little hiatus from blogging. Hope she's back into blogging again very soon for selfish reasons--I'm going to miss her and her fabulous postings! Check her blog out here for some high-quality book reviews and the chance to enter her blogiversary celebration giveway.

Why Parents Hate Parenting is a very interesting article from New York Magazine, found courtesy of blogger Kwana. One tidbit of note early in the fairly lengthy article:

Perhaps the most oft-cited datum comes from a 2004 study by Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize–winning behavioral economist, who surveyed 909 working Texas women and found that child care ranked sixteenth in pleasurability out of nineteen activities. (Among the endeavors they preferred: preparing food, watching TV, exercising, talking on the phone, napping, shopping, housework.) This result also shows up regularly in relationship research, with children invariably reducing marital satisfaction.

Okay, I'm not putting housework, which I despise with a passion and do horribly, ahead of childcare in the pleasure department, but I completely believe that having a child/ren adds stress to life and, particularly, marriage. I wouldn't recommend anyone have a child in order to find "true happiness" (whatever that is), especially not a woman. Women still get stuck with a disproportionate amount of childcare *and* housework even inside of a stable, committed relationship with a decent man.

Check out the new Google group The Penpal Project by Indie Fixx if you're interested in finding some snail mail pals. The group is just getting started and already has 31 members, including me.


Keli said…
I really like your This and That postings!! Keep it up!
I'll try to do at least one This and That posting a week just for you!!

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