A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion

I suspect A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion (2009) is one of those books that appeals to a lot of, mainly female, readers--just not to me.

Skyla Plinka finally has a family of her own--husband Thomas and daughter Nora--after moving from place to place and losing everyone she has ever loved. Then why does she feel the need for something more?

Audrey Plinka finally has her son Thomas out of the house and in a home of his own. And she finally has a granddaughter after always wanting a daughter instead of the three boys she gave birth to. Why does she feel the need to always interfere?

Enter Skyla's new neighbor, Roxanne Bear, and her crazy household, complete with five sons and a Mastiff. Unknown to everyone, Roxanne's outlook on life and a serious illness are going to have a significant impact on Skyla and Audrey.

Sounds promising and filled with character development, but. . . .

I found Skyla more than a litle self-absorbed, and I didn't really find Audrey much better--maybe slightly less anoying. I couldn't identify with either one of them, and even the chapters alternating between Skyla and Audrey's viewpoints didn't make the story move any more quickly than really, really slow.

Please let me know what you think if you've read the book.

My overall personal rating of A Scattered Life is a C+.


elle said…
Hi there! I love frequenting book review blogs just like yours -- this usually means a longer to-read list, but what the hey, that comes with being a bookworm :-)

Haven't read this book, but I have low-tolerance for self-absorbed main characters (at least for the moment), so maybe this will be in the back burner for now.
Anonymous said…

As I was reading your synopsis, the title Scattered Life cerrtainly seemed fitting. It's hard to like a book with annoying characters.

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