Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn

Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn (2010) is an impulse romance buy I'm really glad I made.

Candace, proverbial sweet girl, decides to get a tattoo on her twenty-third birthday. Besides wanting a tattoo, this is a chance to see her cousin's ex-boyfriend, and Candace's crush, Brian, again.

Brian, proverbial "bad boy," owns his own tattoo parlor, and he's covered in tattoos and body piercings. He's used to being seen as the black sheep of his wealthy family and judged by others on the basis of his appearance.

Neither one is the simplistic, one-dimensional character you might expect, though. Candace is working to break free of her stifling family while being dependent on them for support while she's in college. Brian just quit smoking, and his serious drinking days are long in the past. His focus is on his business and his friends, and he's genuinely caring, especially about Candace.

Lynn does a nice combination of developing the characters, providing plenty of the internal dialogue for both Candace and Brian that makes them more fully-realized characters, and writing very steamy sex scenes.

And I never thought I'd read a book that made me wish my husband would get a certain kind of body piercing, but that's what happened here!

My one complaint is that Candace is a little too back-and-forth about whether she really wants to commit to being with Brian, and the alienation that might entail from her family. That makes the book drag in parts because I just wanted her to stand up to her family and follow her own path.

Lynn also has an earlier book, Unleashed, about Brian's brother that I'm now anxious to read.

My overall personal rating of Rock Me is a B+.


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