Behold the lovely Muffin, a four-year-old female Shih tzu. Herb, Maya, and I met her at our local Humane Society yesterday, and she's adorable. Sweet and friendly, plus very pretty.

The big test, of course, is taking Allie to meet her later today. If they get along, we'll take Muffin home with us. If not, I guarantee she'll be adopted by someone else quickly.

Wish us luck, please.

Fortunately, Rusty, the Catahoula I mentioned in my last dog-related post, finally found a new home yesterday morning. Yeah!


sapphireblue said…
She's just adorable. I hope you get to take her home today.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, Muffin is adorable!!! I wish you much luck. She looks like she belongs with you.
elle said…
What a cutie! Sending lucky wishes your way :-)
Micaela said…
oh my goodness, i am in LOVE!!! i instantly love all the shih tzus that come into our work. i seriously want a "muffin" as our 3rd dog ;) i'll have to get your little babies treats and toys from my job-- we got some awesome ones in!

you are just lovely to give him a loving home.

you are just lovely period maria :)


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