Maya's New Dog

Here's a photo of Maya with Muffin from Wednesday night, when we brought her home from our local Humane Society.

So far, Muffin and Allie, our Rottweiler, are mostly ignoring each other. Allie's a little miffed with me, I know, but I think she'll enjoy the company once the dogs get used to being around each other.

Muffin appears to be a very social--with humans, anyway--and good-natured dog. She seems happiest when she's sitting by or on someone. I think Maya and I can handle fulfilling that need!

Thanks for the well wishes in the comments on my previous post. I'm glad to be able to report a "happy start" with Muffin as a part of our family!


sapphireblue said…
Hooray! I'm so glad you found the right dog. Are you keeping Muffin as the name?
@sapphireblue--Thanks! We're really enjoying her--well, maybe Allie isn't enjoying her yet, but I think she will appreciate the company after the adjustment period.

Maya decided to go with "Muffin Diamond Ford" as the official name, and we'll still call her just Muffin. :)

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