First Day of First Grade

Here's Maya from this morning, all set for her very first day of first grade.

Yes, that's a t-shirt about vampires. We did a little shopping at Justice last night. Explain to me how I managed to get a fashion diva for a daughter. She found six new tops for school, but she wouldn't have anything to do with their jeans or any other pants in the store. She thinks she's planning to wear skirts in winter in Nebraska. Huh?

Now Mom gets to find some kind of pants, somewhere, that Maya's willing to wear because nothing from last year fits her. Being so picky about her clothes is such a luxury--if she only realized that!!


sapphireblue said…
She's very fashionista!
Cindy said…
She is too cute. This is why I am so thankfully I have a boy. Michael goes into grade 2 on the 30th.
Maya certainly has her own personal style!

Cindy, good luck to Michael with the start of school!
Bianca J said…
Aww, that's adorable. Great outfit :D

I've already got an envelope with your name on it :) Thanks so much for ordering some. Avant Card is most definitely a luxury in Australia. It would be great if something like that could be implemented in the US. It seems to be quite a success here. Still searching for stands in my new city though - I'm going to go and spy tomorrow for some - if I can find a stand I'll throw in a few more Avant Cards I can find!

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