Dog Hunt

"See, Mom, it's okay that terrier cross didn't like me! I'm not lonely; I have Scooby-Doo."

No, we don't have a new dog yet. Maya and I loved the little terrier cross I posted to the blog last week, but the little dog didn't like Allie when we tried an interaction. Or, more accurately, she growled and snapped if Allie approached to get some love and attention from the human holding her.

Yes, there's something a little ridiculous about a Rottweiler hiding behind me to escape from the ferocious little dog, yet that's what happened. Allie's too sweet and well-trained by Rufus (our much-missed Yorkie) and Maya to bite a little dog or a child--fortunately for this little dog with the Napoleon complex.

And, good news, when we went to look at available dogs yesterday, we saw that she's on hold pending adoption now. Hopefully to a home where she can be the only, much-loved dog!

Hopefully, we find our new family member soon, too.


Brenda said…
what a sweet doggie!

I like your blog. Saw it on Misfit Salon. I adore Stephanie. Her blog is the best!

Hop over and visit me.
sapphireblue said…
Darn! I'm sorry that adoption didn't work out, but I'm glad to see there is a situation better suited to the dog. I'm sure it's just a matter of time for the perfect match to come along.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Brenda. You're right--Stephanie and Misfit Salon are the best.

I'm sad the dog didn't get along with Allie, but at least we learned that at the Humane Society instead of bringing her home and having both dogs miserable.

I just keep haunting their online site every day, looking at dogs, and we're planning another family visit on Sunday, at the latest.

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