All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins

In All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins (2010), Callie Grey learns that the man she loves, the man she dated for five--almost five-and-a-half--weeks at some glorious point in the past, who also happens to be her boss, is seriously involved with another woman. Of course, when Mark dumped Callie, he told her the timing just wasn't right for a serious relationship for him. Oh, and he waits until Callie's thirtieth birthday to tell her, but the other relationship has actually been going on for a couple of months.

Yeah, Callie's a "nice girl" who wants love, marriage, and babies, and she thinks Mark is Mr. Right. Of course, her sister and one of her best friends--and every reader, I'm sure--can see immediately that he's an egomaniac who gets his thrills by torturing Callie for her crush on him.

Fortunately, Mark isn't the only man in Vermont. Here's Callie's first encounter, in line at the DMV, with the man we later learn is local veterinarian (and very single) Ian McFarland:

[Kindle location 256-265]:

A sob squeaked out, and Mr. Intolerant behind me grumbled. That was it. I whirled around. "Look, mister, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I'm having a really shitty day, okay? Is that okay with you? My heart is breaking, okay, pal?"

"By all means," he said coolly. "Please continue with your emotional diarrhea."

Ooh. The bastard! He looked like the stick-up-the-butt type. . .dressed in a suit (and you know, please--this is Vermont). He had a boring military-style haircut, cold blue eyes and disdainful Slavic cheekbones. I turned back around. Clearly he didn't understand what love felt like. Love gone bad. Love rejected. My tender and loyal heart, broken.

That being said, maybe he had a point.

Am I the only one who thinks he sounds totally sexy from that description? Not to worry. This is, after all, a romance. Callie eventually, in a round-about fashion, comes to the same conclusion about him.

This is a light, entertaining read for anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.

My overall personal rating of All I Ever Wanted is a B.


Keli said…
Ohh you totally sparked my intrest. Is this one of your Kindal (sp?) books or could I possible BORROW this one??
Anonymous said…
"emotional diarrhea" - New cool phrase alert. I will have to use this one is some future, pertinent occasion. Love it! (I love a phrase that has the word diarrhea in it. Hmmm.)
@Keli--Sorry, yes, this is one of my Kindle books.

@StephanieD--I loved that phrase, too, even though I agree "love" seems like a weird word choice! If you enjoyed that phrase, I bet you would enjoy the book as a whole. :)

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