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As much as I love reading a good book, I actually love receiving a letter from someone special to me even more. As part of that love for snail mail, I added a gadget to this blog with a listing of letter writing blogs I enjoy reading.

Dream job (aside from being independently wealthy): Correspondence Secretary for the President. Answering all those letters from fifth-graders wanting to know the sitting President's favorite color, helping a college student tease out a little piece of personal information for the perfect paper, and so on.


I ran across a show on public television the other day that included a segment on blogger Heather Armstrong, the power behind the famous Dooce. She makes $40,000 a month from her blog. Yes, a month. Meaning, this is now a full-time business for Heather and her husband. Being eaten alive with envy. . . . (I think the earlier postings from before she became so famous and business-oriented are much better/funnier than the more recent postings. Check out her archives if you look at the blog.)

In response to all of their recent fame from the Twilight saga, the Quileute Nation has a site you may want to browse. And, if you need an excuse to buy one of their cute New Moon t-shirts or something else from their online store, read Sucking the Quileute Dry, an editorial from the New York Times.

Now I want to go whale watching in La Push!

Anybody reading anything interesting? See any good movies lately? Looking for a pen pal?? Let me know!


Rachie said…
im reading karen essexs kleopatras books, they are by far my favorite books about queen kleopatra.and i cant wait to read more from her. those are the interesting books im reading, im a speed reader i read 9 books every week or so,lol pen pals would be fun but the internet is faster :D

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