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My friend Greg sent me this fantastic link with the subject line Really Rude "Twilight" Summary. Totally made me laugh, especially the nickname given to Jacob. (WARNING--There are plenty of spoilers. Don't follow the link if you're waiting to finish reading the series or watching the movies to learn what happens.)

Postcrossing, a service for sending and receiving postcards randomly from throughout the world, is celebrating five years on the Internet today. Check them out and consider registering if you love postcards.

I saw the movie "Knight and Day" with my best friend on Sunday. Not my cup of tea. I agree with some review that mentioned Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise having great on-screen chemistry. Her character was so stupid (yes, I still hate that word, but it fits!) for most of the movie that I just couldn't get past that in order to enjoy the show. He's dragging her all over, trying to keep her safe, and I'm thinking, "Just shoot her already and move on with your life." (Because it's a movie, a work of fiction, and not a real person, I can get all violent in my thoughts!!)

Then Herb/my husband and I watched "From Paris with Love" last night. Straight-out death. I'm sure John Travolta had a good time playing such a Dirty Harry-type guy in the movie. Again, not really my cup of tea, though. I'm not a big action-adventure person.

How about you? Watched any movies lately?


sapphireblue said…
I saw "The Crazies". It was pretty good, but I wasn't expecting a zombie flick.
Oh, I love zombie movies!!! I need to rent that one to watch late at night, after Maya's already asleep.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Twilight link - I was laughing so hard this morning I woke up the whole house!

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