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Hope those of you who celebrate the Fourth of July are having a fabulous holiday weekend! We had the most fireworks going off in our neighborhood last night that I've ever seen before, and I suspect another massive round tonight.

(The photo's taken in the library where I work.)

If you're a Lisa Marie Rice fan and as anxious for the release of Into the Crossfire in 22 days as I am, you can read an excerpt in Rice's March 2010 newsletter here. Alpha male Sam Reston sounds beyond yummy--maybe reading the excerpt is a form of self-torture because I'm even more excited about the upcoming release now!

Anybody else read A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff yet? Barnes & Noble is giving the book a strong push at their online site. I tried to read the book--really I did, but I just couldn't get into either Wolff's writing style or her protagonist. Anyone else read this one yet? What did you think?

I won't be writing a blog posting about A Vintage Affair because I didn't get through enough to fairly give a rating. Maybe just "not worth starting, let alone finishing."

I went to see Twilight: Eclipse with my daughter and goddaughter on Saturday. This is definitely the best of the three movies made so far, though the beginning was a little scary for Maya at age six, setting the tone for her to not like the movie. (Insert my usual thought about the person who did the casting for Bella needing to find a different career. Ugh.) Overall, though, fans of the first two movies should be thrilled with this one.


StephanieD said…
Everyone says that Twilight is the best of all three. I'm still debating on whether or not to see it in the theaters or wait for the DVD. It sounds like Bella has not improved - maybe I'll rent it...
sapphireblue said…
I'm guilty of having read the whole Twilight series, but I haven't seen that movie yet.
Nope, no improvement on Bella. And I refuse to see The Runaways entirely because of her, even though I'm a huge Joan Jett fan.

I've read the series, too, and think the movies are true to the original story. If you like one, you should enjoy the other. Even the cheesiness of the first movie is entertaining.

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