One Tiny Starfish--Blog

A new-to-me blog I've been enjoying living through vicariously--I mean, reading--is One Tiny Starfish, written by a young Canadian woman named Nikki.

According to a part of her Who Am I section:

I love reading (my two favourites are Gone With the Wind and The Kite Runner) and love everything to do with travel. I read adoption blogs obsessively and hope to adopt my kids in the future. I don't think I would ever be happy living a 'normal' life in Canada. I am pretty sure I will end up living in a foreign country and working with families in poverty for the rest of my life... just not sure yet which country I will end up in! I have a list of countries I want to travel to, and the top 3 on the list are India, Thailand, and Rwanda. Up until 2009, Ethiopia and Haiti were #1 and 2 on the list, until I was able to travel to both those countries. I would love to go back.

Recent entries are all about her just-ended trip to India and Thailand.


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