Into the Crossfire by Lisa Marie Rice

Unfortunately, my high expectations and overall excitement about the latest release from Lisa Maria Rice, Into the Crossfire (2010), met with disappointment.

The first entry in the Protectors Series focuses on Sam Reston, one of three foster brothers with an unbreakable bond. After leaving the Navy SEALs on a medical discharge, Sam founded his own security company, and his new neighbor at the office building is Nicole Pearce, founder of a translation business and busy caring for her dying father.

Unknown to Nicole, she has in her possession a document that brings her to the attention of a network of terrorists. With a hired killer after her, who better to have in her corner than Sam?

Although Into the Crossfire reminded me a lot of Midnight Man, an excellent book from Rice, this one just didn't have the same chemistry and hot sex scenes. This book just seemed like a much less entertaining clone.

I also didn't find Nicole a compelling heroine, overall, and found the repeated references to how she didn't mind giving up her wonderful, perfect life working at the UN to care for her father a little like saying the exact opposite. If you don't mind, can we quit talking about it ad nauseum when it has nothing to do with the current plot?

I'll certainly still read the upcoming books in the series, featuring Sam's brothers Mike and Harry, but I'm not going to be counting the days until their release.

My overall personal rating of Into the Crossfire is a C. Read Midnight Man instead.


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