Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Although Forget You by Jennifer Echols (2010) didn't strike me quite as strongly as her Going Too Far, probably because I prefer the heroine in her earlier book, this is still a great read.

Forget You's Zoey has plenty going on in her life--senior year in high school, swim team captain duties, a mother who attempts suicide, a jerk for a father who is about to marry the twenty-four-year-old he just knocked up, a new boyfriend (Brandon), and a boy who hates her and knows about her mom's suicide attempt (Doug).

And then Zoey gets in a car accident. One that wipes the entire evening from her mind. Why is Brandon avoiding her? And why is Doug suddenly all over her? And why is she feeling so attracted to Doug when Brandon is her boyfriend?

My favorite part about Echols' books is that she creates engaging, multi-dimensional teenagers who are dealing with complex issues--just like real teenagers. There's no fixation on the romantic relationship, either, though romance is an important element in her story lines.

And Zoey, in particular, is a smart girl who would seem from the outside to have everything going for her, yet she's actually experiencing a very difficult period in her life. She also makes some poor decisions, which is a nice reminder that even smart girls make mistakes. In the end, though, she's stronger and even smarter for her mistakes.

My overall personal rating of Forget You is a B+.


Loretta Nyhan said…
I just picked this one up and look forward to reading it. I loved Going Too Far.
I may have to give her a try - Echols is really popular at my library!
Going Too Far is one of my all-time favorite YA books. I'd definitely say that's Echols' best work (at least up to now).

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