As Husbands Go by Susan Isaacs

As Husbands Go by Susan Isaacs (2010) generated nothing more than annoyance from me at the sheer self-absorption of the main character, Susie Gersten, during about the first half of the book.

Susie thinks she has the perfect Long Island life--wife to a successful plastic surgeon, co-owner of a floral design business that is expected to be a hobby and not an income-generator, and mom to adorable triplet boys. Not to worry about the boys getting in the way of the story or Susie's life or anything because she also has twin nannies for them and a housekeeper.

Can you hear me gagging?

Then husband Dr. Jonah Gersten doesn't come home one night. With the book cover, I don't think I'm providing a spoiler by noting that he never comes home again, and the way he supposedly died leaves Susie more than a little upset--mainly because she doesn't believe her perfect life could have been based on a marriage with a cheating husband.

I'd have to say that I found Susie exactly what she claims not to be--yet another useless physician's wife--right up to the point where she decides to learn what really happened to her husband instead of accepting the official, police-approved version. With the help of her estranged Grandma Ethel, the most interesting character in the book, Susie's well on her way to learning the truth.

Too little, too late to save this book for this reader.

My overall personal rating of As Husbands Go is a C-.


Anonymous said…
I'm amazed you continued reading with such a dislikable protagonist. I don't know if I would have been as generous with my time.
I wanted to know if I guessed right about what actually happened to the husband (I did), and I also found myself strangely fascinated by how annoying I found Susie. :)

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