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The library is where education continues after school ends. It's where readers are grown from the time they are young and where doors are open to welcome everyone.

That's my favorite quote from Carol Fitzgerald's piece in The Huffington Post, Libraries and Libararians are Endangered Species: What You Can Do to Help, found here. I wish I could say I find the title sensationalist or overstated, but I can't. I even believe librarians in special settings (corporations, medical, etc.) are in even more precarious positions than those in public libraries, at least in the United States.

Waiting for more guilt-free shopping? I haven't placed an order yet, though I've found much to like in the small PDF catalog I received from The Volunteers for Children Development Foundation (VCDF).

VCDF provides a place for Thai street children to go to be safe, learn, and create the arts and crafts for sale. Of the money made from gift shop sales, 30% goes directly to the child artist, 30% goes in an educational fund, and 40% buys more supplies, according to their site.

I'm counting the days until the next Lisa Marie Rice book gets released--July 27th--Into the Crossfire, the first in The Protectors series. How can that not be the start of another Rice series with serious Alpha males? Sigh.

What about you? Anything you're excited to read coming later this summer?


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