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Our local Olive Garden decided to stop singing and clapping for birthday guests due to the number of complaints from other diners. Oops! Maya handled her disappoint pretty well last night, and, don't worry, our waitress, who had a lovely voice, still sang quietly to Maya.

Another site for virtually guilt-free shopping if you need a pretty piece of jewelry for yourself or to use as a gift: NightLight. From their site:

NightLight Design provides an economic alternative for women who previously had no hope of freedom from their circumstances. When you purchase these products you are securing the freedom of women who have been exploited or were at risk of exploitation in the bars of Bangkok, Thailand.

One of my new favorite quotes: If anyone ever asks you to name something the government does right, simply answer, "The library." Taken from this column by Rory McClannahan in the Mountain View Telegraph.

Contrast that lucid comment with this dire call by the KPMG in the UK to replace trained professional librarians with volunteers. Now the unfortunate UK librarians and their supporters get to work on an advertising campaign to justify their very existence.

And there are days I think my job is stressful and not exactly secure!


Anonymous said…
What a nice waitress! What kind of grinches would complain about Happy Birthday sung - all of two seconds?!

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