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The photo of Rufus and my daughter didn't win the photo contest for week four, so, of course, I had to enter a couple more photos in the current contest. Shown here for your viewing pleasure, as well.

Misfit Salon has a fun reading challenge going for the month of June--the 12 X 12 Reading Challenge. The goal, like all good goals, is worthy, simple, and straightforward--Read More Books! Go here to learn more and enter the challenge, or click on the related button at the side of my blog to reach the same destination.

I added my own twist to the reading challenge. My goal is to read twelve books I wouldn't normally read during this month. I'm already thinking Janet Evanovich, Nicholas Sparks, and Nicholas Evans blog postings are in my near-future.

Please take my latest poll to voice your opinion about the upcoming release of the next Twilight movie.


Kwana said…
Thanks so much for your comment today and I adore the post of Rufus and your sweet daughter. Rufus is so much like my Jack.

Good luck with your reading challenge.
Anonymous said…
What a radiant smile on your daughter's face!

12 books are a great goal and reading books you wouldn't otherwise makes it even better. I hope you reach it!

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