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Check out blog posts at The Insanity of Writerhood from the author of the soon-to-be-released YA novel The Duff for her take on her first BEA. Can you even imagine the thrill of finding a poster for your book on display at the convention??

Can't wait to read The Duff, which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

I appreciated Lisa and Laura Writes posting From Birkins to Burqas, SATC2 Sucked. And there's even more in the comments worth reading.

I've found someone new I'd like to meet over lunch for a chat--Justin Cronin. His new book, The Passage, is being hyped as one of the top reads of the summer.

Here are two quotes from the New York Times piece Literary Novelist Turns to Vampires and Finds Pot of Gold that make me think we could be friends:

“It looks like a bigger change than it is,” Mr. Cronin said. “I think literary is shorthand for appreciated, and commercial is shorthand for sells. I did not undertake the writing of this book thinking that it was one thing or the other, or even that books in general have to be one thing or the other. Those are descriptions of what happens to a book after it’s written.”

“The vampire narrative deals with the fundamental question, the basic human question, and that is, what part of being human is defined by the fact that we’re mortal?” Mr. Cronin said. “If you got to be immortal, would you be trading away your humanity? It’s the fundamental question of what is death to being alive. The vampire story gets at the heart of that. It reassures us that we’d rather be human.”

I need to read the book now!


Anonymous said…
I've never even heard of The Passage and it's one of the most hyped books of the summer? Where have I been? I guess it doesn't matter because I now want to read it!

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