I'm a huge fan of the series Sex and the City. Huge. Not much of a fan of the movies, though, and I'm really hoping, with the way this second movie ended, they're done making movies about the ladies.

This one ran too long for me, though I did think it seemed a little more realistic than the first movie.


Rant warning.

When I went to the first Sex and the City movie, I left really annoyed about what they did with Miranda. When leaving the second Sex and the City movie, I felt annoyed and embarrassed about what they did with Samantha.

I don't want to say too much if you haven't seen the movie, but I guess I understand why filming for "Abu Dhabi" actually happened in Morocco instead. I can't imagine actually going to the UAE to film something so offensive and "ugly American." What writer/producer/whatever confused dressing in next-to-nothing and being sexually promiscuous--and flaunting said practices in the face of others--with true equality and freedom for women?

There are gender issues in every country, and the more conservative parts of the Middle East, in particular, use religion to justify horrific practices like stoning women to death. Or more could have been done with the way workers imported from countries such as India and Thailand get treated by some of their Middle Eastern employers. That's a serious human rights story.

Those are issues--real issues about people's basic human rights--not whether someone can go a week without getting laid.

And what did you think of the movie if you've gone?


Anonymous said…
I haven't seen either SATC movies, although I did hear about the Samantha in the second one. And if it is the scene I think you're talking about - that would be obscene and grotesque set in any culture. There's a difference between sexy and trashy.
Violet said…
I love the series and I liked the first movie, but I'm not rushing out to watch the latest movie. I'm happy with the SATC series re-runs.
Yes, Violet; stick with the reruns from the series. Good plan.

SPOILER: There were too really bad Samantha scenes. The one I think you probably heard about--yes, I kept thinking, "They wouldn't be doing this in the U.S. in public outside of maybe a bar/club, let alone a more conservative country." And that was before the guy undid the tie on her back holding the top of her dress together as they walked away from the very disapproving couple at another table that they knew were watching them. Not realistic and very disrespectful.
Make that "two really bad scenes."

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