The Passage by Justin Cronin, Part 2

Look here for the first part of my review for The Passage by Justin Cronin (2010).

I decided to continue reading, despite not finding much to like about the first half of the book, just in case the second part contained some insight into why this book is considered the "must read book" of summer 2010.

Well, I'm done reading now, and I'm still confused.

I do think the writing style improved in the second half of the book. I'm still convinced the tome could be edited to one-fourth the original size and make a much better read. Maybe even something I'd enjoy reading; I really think you can't over-estimate the importance of a good editor.

There's no way I'm reading the next two books, despite not knowing the ultimate fate of Amy and the world at large. I don't care enough to invest the time on anticipating, and then reading, the final books in the trilogy.

Again, I'll be very interested to hear comments from other "regular" readers, especially anyone who appreciates the book. Let me know what you think!!

My overall personal rating of The Passage is a C+.


Anonymous said…
Well, this book is different from all other vampire/virus books. There were some slow parts but the overall read is well worth it. Lots of action and surprises and the closing was good enough to leave me wanting more. Can't wait....
Anonymous said…
I too found the book very compelling to read. I love all different types of vampire/virus books and I found this one very interesting. I cant wait for the next book to see where this new world ends up.

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