The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French

I usually really enjoy the work of Nicci French, a husband (Sean French) and wife (Nicci Gerrard) writing team, but The Other Side of the Door (2010 in the United States) didn't do anything for me.

We meet Bonnie Graham at what we learn is her friend's apartment, and Bonnie's there with a body. Who is this man? How did he die? Did Bonnie kill him, and, if so, intentionally or accidentally?

The story unfolds in alternating After (the point from when we meet Bonnie and beyond, as she works to deal with the fallout of whatever actually happened) and Before (the background information from the summer) chapters. That writing style I like as a concept, though there just wasn't enough actually contained in the chapters of this particular story to capture and hold my attention.

My biggest complaint? I identify much more with the unknowing friend Bonnie calls and involves in her nightmare than Bonnie, who I found, at best, truly annoying.

You can learn more about the book at the authors' site here.

My overall personal rating of The Other Side of the Door is a C+.


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